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Sex Educator, Pleasure Advocate, Intimacy Coach, and Freelance Writer

Demeter V Delune
6 min readOct 23, 2022


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My name is Demeter Delune and I’ve been writing stories my entire life. Welcome to my page. I hope you find at least one story you can connect with. About four years ago, I began this journey on Medium, sharing my deepest, darkest secrets in story form, under my ‘real name’ (as close as I get online, anyway). Then, people from my day-to-day life who I didn’t care to have reading my words trickled in and caused trouble, so I created Demeter about two years in, and really started being myself.

In this life, I’ve been a Professional Dominatrix, a phone sex operator, an insurance agent, a chemist, and a counselor.

Now, I’m a freelance writer, online sex worker, sex educator, pleasure advocate, photographer, and intimacy/relationship coach.

Writing under a pseudonym has its advantages. This is a place where I can express myself, tell stories, share erotica, or anything else I choose; without as much fear of repercussions from the ‘real world’.

It’s freeing, for sure.

The downside is, it’s not as freeing as I’d like, because I still have to hide behind a name I chose in order to say what I feel and desire. I’ve recently…



Demeter V Delune

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